Our mission is to love our community in the name of Jesus. Mill City Church is a family of people who care for each other and model this to the communities we are a part of. We invite you to join in, to love and be loved. Care at Mill City Church isn’t a list of programs that meet every need. Care happens in the context of community: a church family that values each life stage, a group of people journeying together. Care happens when we are willing to voice our needs, and meet others’ needs. 

There is always help available. We have compiled a list of spiritual formation and counseling resources of trusted providers; therapists who specialize in trauma, marriage counselors, eating disorder specialiests etc. We want to equip you to be the person God made you to be. See our Referral List.

If finances are a barrier, please ask us about the scholarships we have available.

We trust that God hears our prayers, and answers them. There is a group of people who pray every week for our community. We would love to pray with you for whatever requests, celebrations, or concerns going on in your life. Submit a prayer request here.

Mill City values couples and families and has a team of people who would like to walk alongside you wherever you find yourself in your journey. We offer support for couples in any stage of their relationship, including premarital and couples in crisis or merely those who would like to grow together. We are happy to support and coach all couples. However, due to time constraints on our pastors, requesting an officiant from our team is reserved for couples where one or both people are Covenant Members at Mill City Church. For more information or general marriage support email:

This team brings meals to people/families in life transitions, whether you just had a baby, were in the hospital, someone has passed away... or are in the midst of other crazy life circumstances. This is just one way we can care for and bless each other.

Do you wish you understood your finances better? This team of people will meet with you one-on-one to help you with both practical skills (monthly budget, managing debt) and your long term financial picture. Get in touch with a common cents coach to schedule a meeting.

If you have questions about care resources, would like to join one of our teams, or would like to talk to a pastor, contact us here.