Equipping Hour

9am at Sheridan: Quarter 2
starts November 4th!

The equipping hour is a time to receive training and resources, and to learn together.
This time is designed to equip everyone in our community - from kids to adults!
Adult classes will be in “quarters,” with two in the Fall and two in the Spring.
The fall quarters will run for 7 weeks:

Quarter 1: Sept 16- Oct 28          Quarter 2: Nov 4 - Dec 16
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Quarter 2: Nov 4 - Dec 16


Rediscovering God's Mercy- Lorie Schleck  
Join a discussion based group on the topic of mercy. How do we recognize our need for God's mercy? What are our barriers for receiving God's mercy in our lives? How might we be merciful people in our lives toward others? Tangible ideas will be offered as well as a space to share your ideas. This group will also use the short book Hallelujah Anyway by Anne Lammott as an addition to the conversation.

Journey to Freedom: Elin Aldrich & Nicole Price  
Journey to Freedom is a unique small group experience that gives you space to make changes to anything that causes dissatisfaction in your life. Participants benefit from the opportunity to be authentic with others, free from advice or judgment. Everyone's journey is unique, but you can hope to gain deep self-awareness, find hope and motivation, and experience hope in areas that you have felt stuck. The purpose of Journey to Freedom is to build authentic relationships while finding hope despite loneliness, low self-worth, grief, relationship issues, substance abuse, depression, or anything holding you back from living in freedom. No matter where you are or what you are facing in life, Journey to Freedom is a safe space to move forward into a preferred future. 

Courageous Conversations- Pastor Stephanie O'Brien & Tim Herzog
This class will explore the techniques and skills needed to engage in courageous conversations on life. There are many topics and issues that arise in our lives where the best thing to do is engage in a dialogue yet we often avoid doing so. There are hard confrontations needed to be made at work, in our families, with our spouses, roommates or friends. This class will discuss what it takes to take the steps needed to engage in conversations that will lead to growth, healing and meaning. If you know there are some conversations that could benefit your life or someone close to you, this class would be a great step!

Introduction to the Enneagram- Karen Johnson, Life Coach and Enneagram Consultant 
This class will be an introduction to a Christian perspective on the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a dynamic personality model that differentiates nine personality types based not on what we do or how we do it, but on why we do, and think, and feel the way we do. Each of the nine personality types has a distinct pattern of thinking, feeling and experiencing. The Enneagram increases awareness and compassion for yourself and others, improves communication, connection, and trust, and fosters collaboration and transformational growth. This class includes a $35 fee for the personality test itself as well as a 1:1 meeting with the coach outside of class. If this is a barrier for us, let us know, we would be happy to help cover the cost.


Childcare: Childcare provided for children (0-3yrs). Your child will be cared for by a consistent, loving team who want to make their morning something that they look forward to!

4’s Experience: Four year olds will have an Experience that pulls together all of the activities that the older kids are doing, but on a four year old level. From week to week your child will focus on a particular life application such as Wisdom - Finding out what you should do and doing it. There will be large group games, individual activities, art projects, puppets, and much more.

Imagination and Creativity Experience - K-5th Grade: During this Experience your child will have the chance to explore his or her creative side. We will do hand crafts, drama, puppets, and lots of imaginative things! From week to week we will focus on a particular life application such as Wisdom - Finding out what you should do and doing it. This class promises to be full of fun and creative ways for your child to express themselves.

Playtime Exploration and Fun - K-5th Grade: During this Experience your child will meet with an amazing team in the gym and outdoors. There they will play large group games, relays, meet new friends, and just have fun. From week to week we will focus on a particular life application such as Wisdom - Finding out what you should do and doing it. The games will help the children focus on what that life app means and they will have fun in the midst of all of the action.

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