Equipping Hour

9am at Sheridan: Quarter 2 
starts November 3rd!

Equipping Hour is a time to receive training and resources, and to learn together.
This time is designed to equip everyone in our community - from kids to adults!
Adult classes will be in “quarters,” with two in the Fall and two in the Spring.


God at Work: Patrick Weas
This class will focus on how our workplace can be the primary space we can join God's work in the world. Discuss how you can serve God through your work, grow as a follower of Jesus and find inherent Kingdom value in ANY vocation!

Learning (or Relearning) How to Pray: Pastor Donna Johnson
We often find ourselves having a complicated relationship with prayer. This class will talk about ways to incorporate prayer more consistently in your life and also "how to" tips when the practice can feel confusing.

Intercultural Competence: Cathy Bergland and Dr. Ramón Pastrano
Back by popular demand! With experience coaching in cross cultural leadership, Cathy and Ramón are skilled in helping leaders grow in intercultural competence. This class will include an assessment called the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) that will help the learner take next steps in their own growth. Cathy and Ramon lead Impact Lives, a non-profit based here in the Twin Cities. Read more at ImpactLives.org.

Investing for Everyone: Fred Martin, Founder and CEO of Inspired Investment Leadership
When it comes to investing, every person falls into one of two categories: needing to act or needing to evaluate.  Without basic investment literacy, it’s difficult for either category to know how to move forward. Investing is not about getting rich, it’s about creating opportunities. Investing is not about retirement, it’s about life that happens between now and then.

What can you expect from this course? We will keep it simple by removing industry jargon, recognizing that everyone is on their own unique journey and encourage each individual to determine their own next steps.  We will not make you into a superstar investor.  We will not give investment recommendations, recommend advisors or try to sell you anything.  Our goal is to teach you tools and processes so that you are able to determine what your next step should look like.


Childcare: Childcare provided for children (0-3yrs). Your child will be cared for by a consistent, loving team who want to make their morning something that they look forward to!

4’s Experience: Four year olds will have an experience that pulls together all of the activities that the older kids are doing, but on a four year old level. From week to week your child will focus on a particular life application such as Wisdom - finding out what you should do and doing it. There will be large group games, individual activities, art projects, puppets, and much more.

Imagination and Creativity Experience - K-5th Grade: During this experience, your child will have the chance to explore his or her creative side. We will do hand crafts, drama, puppets, and lots of imaginative things! From week to week we will focus on a particular life application such as Wisdom - finding out what you should do and doing it. This class promises to be full of fun and creative ways for your child to express themselves.

Playtime Exploration and Fun - K-5th Grade: During this experience, your child will meet with an amazing team in the gym and outdoors. There they will play large group games, relays, meet new friends, and just have fun. From week to week we will focus on a particular life application such as Wisdom - finding out what you should do and doing it. The games will help the children focus on what that life application means and they will have fun in the midst of all of the action.

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