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Talking to your Kid about Communion

Posted by Miriam Knight on

Dear Parent, This is a guide to help you discern whether or not, and how, you might invite your child to participate in Communion with our church family. Here are some things to remember: God can be trusted, with you, and with your child. This is meant to be a guide, not a checklist. It is...

5:1 Ratio

Posted by Miriam Knight on

What does it take to launch a student into adulthood with a growing trust in God, love of faith community, and active engagement in God’s mission? We could fill hours of time talking strategy about how to make this vision come true. But there is one thing that is hands-down, crucial and...

Talking to Your Kid about Baptism

Posted by Miriam Knight on

Dear Parent, Baptism is an important milestone in your child’s spiritual journey. We know that engaging your child’s spiritual interest and questions can be exciting and scary. We want to be helpful to you, so we’ve created this guide to help you discern your child’s...