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Parent Take Home - Mini and Mighty Mill (September)

Posted by Anne Mickelson on

This month in Mini & Mighty Mills, we’re learning about Creation.  At Mill City, we strongly emphasize Genesis 1 in our theology because we believe that God did indeed make everything good.  This shapes how we understand the world – a place that is colored by sin (Genesis 3) but is inherently good.  Take some time this month to notice and appreciate God’s creation with your child.

Share this story with your child at home from the
Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs 18-27)

Mini Mills Memory Verse:

In the beginning (wave hands in the air) God (point up) created (pound fists together) the heavens (reach high) and the earth (touch the ground).  Genesis 1:1 (open hands like book)

Mighty Mills Memory Verse:

Every house (form triangle above head with hands) is built (pound fists together) by someone (point at others), but God (point up) is the builder (pound fists together) of everything (spread arms wide).  Hebrews 3:4 (open hands like book)


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