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Parent Take Home - Mini Mill (August)

Posted by Anne Mickelson on

This month in the 3’s Classroom…

Bible Story: Jesus teaches to pray

Big Idea: God hears us when we pray.

This month in Mini Mills, we’re learning about prayer.  As adults, we often take for granted that we know to pray.  Preschoolers are still learning Who God is and how to talk with Him.  Intentionally point out to your child this month when it is time to pray – using phrases like “God always hears us when we pray!” or “We can talk to God anytime anywhere!”  May your own prayer life be energized as you teach your child to pray.


Sing to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
I will say my prayers (fold hands)
Each and every day (clap hands)
I will always talk to God (move hands up)
And He hears what I say (cup hands around ears)

Share this story with your child at home from the
Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs 222-227)

Memory Verse:

I will pray (fold hands) to the Lord (point up) and He (point up) will hear (cup hands around ears) me (point to self). Job 22:27a (open hands like book)


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