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Parent Take Home - Mini Mill (July)

Posted by Anne Mickelson on

This month in Mini Mills…

Bible Story: Jesus sends His disciples out to tell others about Him!

Big Idea: We can tell others about Jesus.

Foundational Truth: Jesus is God.

Over the past two months in Mini Mills, the kids have learned that Jesus loves everyone & that Jesus loves us no matter what.  Now this month, we’re taking it one step further, teaching the kids to tell others about the love of Jesus.

Your child is at a great age to start intentionally telling and showing the love of Jesus to others.  This month at home, encourage your child to intentionally show and tell others about the love of Jesus.  This can be as simple as opening the door for someone, sharing toys politely, or saying to a friend, “Did you know that Jesus loves you no matter what?”

Share this story with your child at home from the
Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs 318-325) 

(Don’t have a Jesus Storybook Bible? Contact the Family Life Pastor for a free copy for your child)

Memory Verse:

Go (point out) into all the world (spread arms wide) and tell others (cup hands around mouth) about Jesus! (point up)  Matthew 28:19 (open hands like book)


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