The Big God Story

The Big God Story from TruMinistry on Vimeo.

// Big God Story //

The Big God Story is a concept that comes from TruCurriculum. It's the amazing idea that we have a God that allows us to enter into His story! Since the beginning of time, God has always had a plan, and has always used ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His Kingdom! Through our Sunday School classes, kids will learn about people in the Bible like Noah, Ruth, Samuel, David, Esther, Joseph, Mary, Paul, and so many others! Most importantly though, they'll learn about Jesus, God's only Son and Redeemer. The One who set us free, and wants us to live with Him forever! The Big God Story is a story of God's faithfulness; that He's a God who keeps His promise. And because He love us so much, we get to be part of this story! Just like the heroes in the Bible, He can use ordinary people just like you and me to do incredible things!

To get a picture of what this story looks like throughout the Bible, you can take a look at the video posted above!