Missional Communities

Missional Communities at Mill City Church from Mill City Church on Vimeo.

Group life at Mill City Church takes the form of what we call Missional Communities. These are small to mid-sized groups of people who have a specific mission focus. Together they discover how to join in with what God is doing in their focus area. They also care for each other, learn about Jesus together, and pray for each other.

Missional Communities intentionally cultivate an “extended family” atmosphere that is small enough to allow every member to be known and actively involved, but also large enough to do something substantive in their mission context. It’s a house-full of friends on mission together! MCs are intergenerational; everyone is welcome to join in: kids, youth, singles, couples, and grandparents!

Read about the various Missional Communities below; connect with a group contact person to find out more, or go ahead and try out some MCs to see which may be right for you.

If you’d like more information about starting a missional community in an area of passion for you, let us know.

Devoted MC

Mission: Loving the victims of the sex industry in Minneapolis in the name of Jesus.

Focus: Spending time in areas of our city where trafficking is present and participating in what God is doing to bring freedom.

Rhythms: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 5-7pm, Outreach on the 2nd Friday of the month

Contact Person: Danielle Schwirtz - 
- 608.577.1275

Restore MC

Mission: Loving the homeless community in Minneapolis in the name of Jesus.

Focus: Spending time loving and growing in solidarity with the people in our city who experience homelessness.

Rhythms: 1st Sunday of the month from 12-2pm and 3rd Sunday of the month 8-9:30am at Hope Avenue.

Contact Person: Megan Herman -
- 419.349.4148

Mission: Loving the U of M Chinese Community in the name of Jesus.

Focus: We partner with The Hospitality Center for Chinese Students to build relationship with the Asian community at the U of M. 

Rhythms: Contact Jess for event schedule. 

Contact Person: Jessica Buss -
 - 612.310.3441


Nuestro Puente MC

Loving the Latino community in the Twin Cities and abroad in the name of Jesus.

Focus: Nuestro Puente means “our bridge” in Spanish. Group members are a bridge that is connecting with what God is doing in the Latino communities in the Twin Cities and abroad by spending time intentionally with Latino communities and growing in relationship.

Contact Person: Tanya Zwald -
- 715.338.2932

Action & Awareness MC

Mission: Loving our neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Focus: Joining God in pursuing racial and economic justice in our city.

Rhythms: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 4:30-6:30pm

Contact Person: Jana Huffman -
- 952.567.3248

Near North MC

Mission: Loving our neighbors and neighborhood in the name of Jesus.

Focus: Joining in with what God is doing in the North Minneapolis and Robbinsdale area by learning together how to build relationships with neighbors and love those around us on our blocks.

Contact Person: Daniel Bubna -
- 612.239.1598


Mission: Loving those within our "extended family" (be that our church community, coworkers, etc.) by offering hospitality in the name of Jesus.

Focus: We believe that hospitality is central to the Christian life and seek to practice it together around meals and through participating in house blessings.

Rhythms: Open Potluck on the 4th Sunday of even months from 12-2pm, and gathering on the 2nd Monday of each month from 7-9pm

Contact Person: Michelle Brask -
- 612.267.7276

Mind the Gaps MCMission: Joining God in closing the education gaps in our city by being the village for OUR kids.

Focus: Encouraging teachers, families, and students of the schools MCC sponsors as well as getting involved with advocating in the Minneapolis Public Schools system.

Rhythms: 1st and 3rd Sundays from 12-2pm

Contact Person: Owen Boldt -
- 763.772.5264


Mission: Loving our soccer-playing neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Focus: Joining in with what God is doing through the relationships they have formed on the soccer field.

Rhythms: Every Sunday, 3pm at 141 22nd Ave NE (Bottineau Field Park). Wear dark & light tops, cleats, & shinnies if you have them.

Contact Person: Zach Burton- - 320.295.2312 

Refugee MC

Mission: Loving our refugee family in the name of Jesus.

Focus: This group is assigned a newly-immigrated refugee family now living in Minneapolis and is aimed at building relationships and extending hospitality.

Rhythms: Works with Family rhythms. 

Contact Person: Lacey D - 



Mission: Loving the creative community in Minneapolis in the name of Jesus.

Focus: A space for experimenters and experts alike. This missional community creates a platform for artists to express and explore their creativity alongside discovering the mastery of their own createdness.

Rhythms: 1st and 3rd Mondays

Contact Person: JD O'Brien -