Mighty Mills - K to 5th grade


Mighty Mills is the name of our elementary children's ministry that meets on Sunday mornings. We have a time designed for kids to encounter the love of God and get to know His Son Jesus. Our heart is that our children would be able to participate fully in what God is doing not only on Sunday mornings but throughout each week. We see the Sunday morning time as an equipping space for kids, just like it is for adults. 

Each week in Mighty Mills, we explore the Big God Story. Mighty Mills meets in two rooms – Kindergarten & 1st grade and 2nd through 5th grade.

Using a combination of videos and live storytelling, kids learn Bible stories each week that apply directly to their lives. In response to what they learn, kids can pick from a variety of Worship Response Stations each week – geared toward their specific age. These response stations vary from week to week, each offering ways for kids to engage with the week’s Big Idea in hands-on and creative ways.

Our planning is driven by our goals that we hope our Mighty Mill-ers understand as they participate in our Sunday morning programming. These goals are:

1. Learn that Church is safe and fun.

2. Explore the Big God Story.

3. Learn my role in the Big God Story.

These three goals guide the way we write curriculum and guide the way we train our team members to serve with your children. 

Three Year Curriculum Plan

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