Mill City Kids

Every kid is made in the image of God
Every kids matters to God
Every kid is created with God given potential

Provoke discovery and invite kids to a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus

Kids will be a part of the Big God Story. This is the story ... The WONDER of a loving Creator who pursues restoring a broken world. The DISCOVERY of a living Savior who gives His life so those who trust in Him can be rescued. The PASSION of believers empowered by God's Spirit to continue His mission and message.

Mini Mills (Birth - Preschool)

Infants and Toddlers
We believe that even the youngest child has the capacity to hear about and experience the love of God. As your little one arrives they will be greeted by trained, background checked, loving teachers who will rock, play with, read to, and care for them. Even our toddlers will be introduced to an age appropriate curriculum that includes a Bible story and activities that actively engage your little one's growing curiosity about the world and God.

By the time a child is five years old, we want them to know: God made me. God loves me. Jesus wants to be my friend forever. 
Your preschooler will experience a fun age appropriate Bible story, craft, memory verse, and large motor and fine motor activities that reinforce this week's bottom line. 

I'm a new parent - what can I expect the first time I drop off my child?

Mighty Mills (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

Children participate with their parents during the worship portion in the auditorium, then are released to Kidz Worship where they will quickly get involved with our welcome activities as they arrive. After the welcome activities, we will transition to interactive live worship, teaching from one of the Teaching Pastors, and then small group time with activities related to the day's lesson.

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