Mini Mills: Birth to Pre-K


Mini Mills is the name of our birth through preschool children's ministry that meets on Sunday mornings. We have a time designed for kids to encounter the love of God and get to know Jesus. Our heart is that our children would be able to participate fully in what God is doing not only on Sunday mornings but throughout each week. We see the Sunday morning time as an equipping space for kids, just like it is for adults.

We are committed to making sure your kids are safe and well-cared for during this time! We also want to be sure that children receive a lesson that is appropriate for their age. This guides the stories we choose to teach our children. If you are interested in finding out more about what stories correspond with what age, you can click the link below:

Toddler Curriculum Plan

3's Curriculum Plan

Infants and Toddlers

In the Infant and Toddler Rooms, our littlest Mini Mill kids get introduced to the Big God Story through a weekly Bible Story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Toddlers also have a structured activity time that includes a game and a Bible verse. Kids do their best work through play! So we give the kids time for free play as well. Our morning is based on the goals we seek to meet with our infants and toddlers. 

Our goals for the Infant and Toddlers are that they would learn that:

1. Church is safe.

2. Church is fun.

3. I am loved by God and His people. 

These goals guide the ways that we program our Sunday Mornings and guide our selection of team members to serve with your children. 

3's, 4's, and 5's 

In our 3’s and 4’s/5’s Rooms, kids dig a little deeper into the Big God Story. The 3's have their own curriculum they follow, while our 4's and 5's join the elementary age kids for a weekly message. They play fun games, make simple crafts, and do other hands-on activities, all with the purpose of equipping them to participate in what God is doing in their lives all week long, not just on Sunday mornings. Like the infants and toddlers, we also have goals that guide our programming for this age range. They are to learn that:

1. Church is safe and fun.

2. I am loved by God and His people.

3. There is a Big God Story about Jesus.

These goals guide the way that our team members interact with your children, and the way that the curriculum is planned for that week!

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If you are interested in becoming a team member and serving with these age groups, contact Aashish: