Kids & Youth

Family Life at Mill City Church from Mill City Church on Vimeo.

Sunday mornings at Mill City are fun and exciting for every age! Visitors are always welcome – we just ask that you complete an information card, which one of our team members can help you with at the Kids’ Check-In area. Then you’ll receive matching name tags for you and your child, with a family number.

At Mill City, we value worshiping together as a church family. So for the first half an hour, the children sing with us in the service in a part of our worship space where the parents and kids can worship together. The kids are given small instruments so they can participate!

After worshipping together as a family, there is a time for you to take your kids to an area where they will learn stories from the Bible; children have their own time of worship and play while the message takes place. Should your child need you during the service, we will display your family number on the main screen at the front of the auditorium. Also, at any time during the service, you can check on your little one.

When the service is over, children are dismissed once a parent or guardian comes to pick them up at their classroom. Family Life consists of three age-based areas: 

Mini-Mills (Birth - Pre-K)

Our ministry for birth through preschool is called Mini-Mills. Each Sunday, kids encounter the love of God and get to know His son Jesus as we explore The Big God Story.

Mighty Mills (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

Our elementary students are part of what we call Mighty Mills. Each week, kids join others from their specific grade with the aim of knowing and being transformed by God's love for them. They experience The Big God Story as it comes to life through drama, music, games, and hands-on activities.

The Mill (6th - 12th grade)

Just as flour is refined at a mill, so too are we refined by Christ at The Mill. Our middle- and senior-high students are a part of a place we call The Mill. Our hope is that they experience a place to belong, connect, grow, and have fun! 

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