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78 Reasons: a Missional Community Brainstorm

10.21.15 | Missional Community | by JD Larson


    "I want to start a Missional Community, but I don't know what the mission should be..." 

    People who desire to love their community in the name of Jesus in the context of a Missional Community often voice this concern. Sometimes the desire to start a Missional Community shows up before direction towards a mission does. 

    If that's you right now, this list may help. 

    78 Missional Community Missions: 

    This list is complied from real life examples of Missional Communities* (some from Mill City), and things God cares about in our city that a Missional Community could respond to: 

    This list is by no means exhaustive, 78 is an arbitrary number, and I hope you can contribute to the list by commenting. 

    Also, its extremely important to note many missional communities may be neighborhood focused. This list focues on "network" based missions for Missional Communities. So this list is mostly for people discerning a mission that is not a neighborhood. 

    A Missional Community's mission could be loving (or advocating for)... 

    1. Victims of domestic violence
    2. Kids in foster care
    3. Prisoners
    4. The Ballet community
    5. The arts community
    6. Social enterprise
    7. People experiencing homelessness
    8. The neighborhood around you
    9. Victims of human trafficking
    10. Men or Women caught in sexual addiction
    11. Empowering communities in developing countries
    12. Intercultural relationships
    13. Improv comedy! Not kidding
    14. Video gamer community
    15. Micro brew community
    16. Environmental issues
    17. Clean water in developing countries
    18. Transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness
    19. Job training
    20. Purposeful work
    21. Business world
    22. Single moms
    23. Widows
    24. Adoption
    25. Orphans
    26. Deaf Community
    27. Urban youth
    28. Food insecurity
    29. Health and nutrition in developing communities
    30. Health and nutrition for families and kids
    31. Wellness
    32. Hospitality
    33. Interfaith dialogue
    34. Refuge populations
    35. Crime prevention
    36. The retired community, senior living  
    37. Entrepreneurship
    38. Education reform
    39. College Students
    40. A specific college campus
    41. Father's and the fatherless
    42. The Nurses community/medical industry
    43. Radical community living
    44. Teenage girls
    45. Teenage boys
    46. Short films, videography
    47. Freelance community
    48. Writers
    49. Families
    50. Dance
    51. Pregnancy Support
    52. Asian community
    53. Reaching communities through street theater
    54. Juvenile corrections ministry
    55. Mentoring
    56. Africa
    57. Hospitality
    58. Racial reconciliation
    59. Individuals with disabilities  
    60. Children on the autism spectrum
    61. Grief support  
    62. Knitting
    63. Musicians
    64. Bar community
    65. Counseling services
    66. Community Gardening
    67. Community Sharing programs
    68. Manhood
    69. Womanhood
    70. Victims of sexual abuse
    71. Generosity
    72. Construction // Building groups
    73. Industry specific work collectives
    74. People who work downtown
    75. Outdoor rec
    76. Car repair
    77. Financial stewardship
    78. Freedom from substance abuse

    What else? Keep the list going if you have ideas, just offer it in the comment section 

    Let the missional imagination begin!

    If you would like to flesh out one or more of these ideas as you consider starting a missional community, Pastor Stephanie and I are eager to do that with you. Please contact us.

    *Some of these examples come from The Underground in Tampa Bay Florida.