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    House Blessing

    03.24.16 | Missional Community , Life on Mission | by JD Larson

    What is the spiritual atmosphere of your home? I don’t mean whether people in your home believe in Jesus or not, though that’s an important question. I mean when you enter your home -- is the space one of peace, grace, and comfort? Does your...

      Moving Back Into the Neighborhood

      03.15.16 | Neighborhood | by JD Larson

      Getting to know neighbors is often easier said than done. This is a problem as a Jesus follower. Jesus clearly showed us, both with the way He lived and the things He said, that to be His follower means to love our neighbors as ourselves. But...

        Creating Space for God

        02.24.16 | Life on Mission | by JD Larson

        We're in the season of Lent. Lent is a season where Christians return to God through fasting, prayer, and simple living. Essentially, Lent is about renewing our relationship with God by creating space for him in our lives in new and different ways.

          When Pain Goes Unseen

          02.21.16 | Life on Mission | by Stephanie O'Brien

          As I made my way to the lobby having just finished my Sunday sermon at my church I young woman I had never met came up to me. She had come with her friend to visit our church that day. “Thank you for what you said today in your sermon. I...