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    Making Peace

    12.21.15 | Life on Mission | by JD Larson

    Christmas is meant to be a time of peace, but our world (individually and communally) sometimes seems far from peaceful. The Bible gives Jesus the title of "Prince of Peace" and his gospel is a gospel of peace. This raises the question...

    Vocational Power Assessment

    11.09.15 | Workplace | by JD Larson

    Missional training for the the workplace, about the vocational power you and your community have. Dr. Martin luther king Jr. taught us that power is not a bad thing, it’s the nature of how we use that power that makes all the difference. The...

      Helping Your Child Learn How to Trust God

      10.29.15 | Family | by Anne Mickelson

      There are two words that a good majority of children love to hear: “I promise.” Why? Because so often, that promise is something good. “I promise we’ll get to see that movie when it comes out.” “I promise to invite you to my birthday party.”...