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    Navigating Conflict Over the Holidays

    11.18.16 | Family | by ChristianAnn Larson

    The Mill City Community is diverse, and so are the families that we all come from. As we think about going home for Thanksgiving, many of us feel nervous or anxious about sitting around the table with people we love but may deeply disagree with...

      Helping Your Child Learn How to Trust God

      10.29.15 | Family | by Anne Mickelson

      There are two words that a good majority of children love to hear: “I promise.” Why? Because so often, that promise is something good. “I promise we’ll get to see that movie when it comes out.” “I promise to invite you to my birthday party.”...

        Parenting through Genesis 1

        10.28.15 | Family | by Anne Mickelson

        You’ve probably heard the statistic before but it’s worth repeating -- as a parent, you have over 3,000 hours per year with your child in your home. That’s compared to the average 40 hours our church will spend with them on Sunday mornings...