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Resources for Learning About Race

10.21.17 | Missional Community , Life on Mission, Being The Church | by Stephanie O'Brien

    Resources for Learning about Race

    God's heart for racial justice and reconciliation is a mission priority for Mill City Church. Check out these resources that will help us learn and grow!


    Truth’s Table

    Code Switch


    One - by Deidra Riggs

    The Next Worship - by Sandra Van Opstal

    Disunity in Christ - by Christena Cleveland

    Between the World and Me - by Ta-Nehisi Coates

    The Invisible Knapsack - by Peggy McIntosh

    A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota - by Sun Yung Shin

    The Roadmap to Reconciliation - by Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil

    America’s Original Sin - by Jim Wallis

    Blogs: (Austin Brown’s Library Suggestion) (Be The Bridge - for resources, and the opportunity to join) (videos and podcasts)

    People to Follow:

    Look on social media, YouTube and iTunes for talks by these leaders. Visit their websites, you'll often find resources pages there, with articles, book recommendations, and videos.

    Soong Chan Rah

    Lisa Sharon Harper

    Daniel Hill

    Brenda Salter McNeil

    Latasha Morrison

    Graham Hill

    Eugene Cho

    Jenny Yang