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We are in a conversation we are calling: Apprenticing Jesus: In Real Life

Discipleship for the lives we actually have.

We are using the word apprentice interchangeably with disciple since it helps us understand what a disciple does. One who spends time with their teacher, learns from them and then becomes like them.

When it comes to our vocational roles, what does it look like to Know God, Live Like Jesus and be Led by The Spirit?

Here is our definition of vocation: a person’s employment, main occupation, and intentional roles they play in life.

A place we need to start in knowing God – is knowing (in our minds and hearts) that God cares about our vocations, God cares about our work.

The very first job the humans were given by God was to co-work with God to care for all the plants and the animals. God said to the humans, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” Genesis 1:29. Then God put the humans in the Garden of Eden to “work and take care of it” in Genesis 2:15.

Every vocation you and I participate in images God in some way. Meaning – when you are doing that work, we are living out the way we were made in God’s image.

Have you thought about that in the work that you do? Think about the various vocations you have – how do they image God?

Ways your vocation images God:

  • Bring organization from chaos
  • Sustain or produce resources for the flourishing of life
  • Organize spaces necessary or helpful for the flourishing of life
  • Help Bring light to dark places and experiences in the world
  • Provide care or healing
  • Bring life, care for life, sustain life
  • Bring beauty or use creativity
  • Learning and being formed so you can live a full life
  • Tell or share stories
  • Help people understand their purpose
  • Help people learn and receive resources for living a full life
  • Help people overcome barriers to living a full life
  • Support/lead co-workers in your line of work
  • Offer food or nourishment
  • Foster relationship/communication between humans or with humans and God
  • Help people rest or help create spaces for people to recreate

How many of these bullet points fit for your roles in your paid and unpaid vocational roles (including caring for family members, and doing “kin” work)?

Reflection Question: Do you know (in your mind but also heart) that God cares about your work/vocation?