What are milestones?

Milestones are significant steps in your child’s spiritual journey. As a family ministry, we have discovered three milestones in a child’s spiritual growth. They are:

Child Dedication

This is unique to our infants, it is a chance for the parents to stand before the community at Mill City and dedicate their child to the Lord. This is a wonderful celebration that will partner the family with a pastor at Mill City. A verse will be read, and then a blessing will be spoken over the child as the whole community prayers in support. It is an amazing milestone that you can talk about with your child for years to come! 

Learn more: 

Podcast  Letter to your child  Article

If you are interested in dedicating your child please fill out the form below:

Child Dedication Form Parent Letter


Baptism is a milestone that is taken after one has asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. It is declaring to the world that one believes in Christ. 

Please read this blog post to determine if your child is ready for baptism:

Talking to Your Kid About Baptism

This is an amazing milestone and one we encourage our children to take when they are ready! If interested in Baptism contact Sharon ( .


Communion is the act of coming to a table and remembering what Christ did for us. He not only died on the cross, but rose victoriously from the grave! He defeated death, and now we get to live in that freedom! 

Communion is celebrated at Mill City every Sunday. We invite everyone who has trusted Jesus as their savior and the leader of their life to participate. If your child has made that decision they are welcome to participate. 

For more on how to prepare your child for communion, please read this blog:

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