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Northeast Minneapolis

Why Northeast Minneapolis?

After spending a small amount of time with Mill City Church, you are sure to hear about Northeast! That’s because we began as a group of people who felt called to learn how to discover what God was already doing in a particular place. After praying and exploring the city of Minneapolis, we specifically felt God wanted us to live in and invite others to live in the incredible community of Northeast Minneapolis!

What is Northeast Minneapolis like?

Northeast Minneapolis is a historically blue-collar part of the city that was the first landing place for many immigrants to Minnesota. It continues to provide a home for people new to the area, many from eastern Africa and South America. It is best known as the arts district of Minneapolis, home to the largest art crawl in the country, Art-a-Whirl. It is also a home for hipsters and microbreweries. Of the roughly fifty thousand people in Northeast, less than 10% of them are actively involved in a church. For more information:

Our Approach in Northeast

We have a simple philosophy that guides our church’s presence in this neighborhood. We are looking for invitations from the neighborhood to be part of the work that God cares about. So when the principal at Sheridan School asked us if we thought we could do anything to help kids who were going hungry on the weekends, we saw that as an invitation from God, and The Sheridan Story was born ( When a local elder care facility invited us to help with the chapel services, we saw that as an invitation from God. When a group pastors invited us to help reshape the way the churches of Northeast Minneapolis engage with each other, we saw that as an invitation from God and helped create Mission Northeast ( We believe God has us here for a reason, and we are watching for opportunities to be part of what God is doing in Northeast.

Does everyone at Mill City live in Northeast?

About 35% of those regularly engaged with the life of Mill City live in Northeast. While we are unapologetic about our focus on this neighborhood, we have a lot of people who are part of our church who don’t live here. They find other ways to be involved in the life of this part of the city while being trained to do the same where they live and work.