We believe that every young person has two basic needs when it comes to faith: the need to believe and the need to belong.  We as a team at MCC want to help students engage with Jesus beyond being part of MCC’s youth group.  Our vision is that teenager develops a sense of belief and belonging well beyond their time in this program.

Email is the primary way we communicate about upcoming events and programming opportunities.



Upcoming Events 

April 4/16 Outdoor Video Game Night (7-10) – MCC Commons
May 5/14 Outdoor Movie Night (7-10) – MCC Commons
June 6/13 Watch Church (Outdoors) + Lunch (10:30 – 12:30) – Mcc Commons – Families Welcome –
June 6/25 Night Games / Nerf (8-10) – MCC Commons
July 7/11
HIghschool — Summer Festival Camp (7-11 – 7-14)
July 7/18
Middle School — Summer Festival Camp (7-18 – 21)
August 8/8 SFC Reunion (7-9) – TBD
August 8/19 Beach / Boat Day (11-3) – TBD 
On digital Sundays – we’ll meet right after church for 30 mins. On in-person Sundays, we’ll meet for 15 mins right after church.
Summer Festival Camp
Summer Camps are a big deal! As a church, we are going to be offering a camp experience for both middle school and high school students this summer at Summer Festival Camp.
Here is a video highlighting some of the fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRJZssJqbJQ