Kids & Youth

Family Life at Mill City Church

9am Equipping Hour

*Equipping Hour takes place September through May only.  Over the summer months, service starts at 10:30am.*

0-2 years
Consistent childcare workers attend the infants and toddlers during the 9am Equipping Hour.  Parents can choose to bring their child into the worship service from family musical worship at 10:30am, or they can wait until after the service to pick them up.

3 years – 5th grade
Kids age 3 years old through 5th grade attend classes according to age/grade. Their teachers engage them through story-telling, activities, and worship responses as they learn more about The Big God Story.

6th -12th grade
Our middle school and senior high students are invited to engage in our equipping classes! Contact Tony Ducklow, our Student Ministry Director, for advice on which class may be best for your student.

10:30am Worship Service

At Mill City, we value worshiping together as a church family. So for the first half hour, the children sing with us in the service in a part of our worship space where the parents and kids can worship together.  During the transition from singing to teaching, parents take their kids to their respective classes for the remainder of the service. 

0-2 Years
Paid childcare workers and team members from Mill City attend the infants and toddlers during the 10:30am service, until parents arrive after the service. 

3 Years
Paid childcare workers and team members from Mill City lead the 3 year olds through worship songs, tell part of the Big God Story, engage in response activities, and encourage the kids to do their best work – play!

4 Years – 5th grade (Kidz Worship)
Kidz Worship is a special worship service designed with you child in mind. Children are released to Kidz Worship after announcements and community time during our 10:30am worship service at Sheridan School.

Our 4-5 year olds and K – 5th grade students participate in separate welcome activities as they arrive in Kidz Worship. After 5-10 minutes, Team Members will gather both groups together to worship God with their hands, feet, and voice. One of the Teaching Pastors will share part of the Big God Story, followed by small group questions, and response activities. The kids in the 4-5s class will return to their side of the room during the small group time and work on their own response activity!

6th – 12th grade
Our students worship and learn with the adults during the 10:30am Worship Service.

**Should your child need you during the service, we will display your family number on the main screen at the front of the auditorium. Also, at any time during the service, you can check on your little one. Children are dismissed from class when their parents come and present a sticker whose number matches their child’s.

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