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I am the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.

– Jesus

Our hope is to equip people to follow The Way of Jesus in an increasingly complex world.  This fall we are launching a new opportunity called The Discipleship and Mission Intensive. This intensive will create a high challenge/high support environment for those who are ready to engage in a more intentional and intensive format of learning and practicing The Way of Jesus. 

The Discipleship and Mission Intensive is for people in any life stage who is ready to be challenged to grow in their trust in Jesus and to commit to going deeper in their dedication to live The Way of Jesus.

The intensive will focus on three discipleship priorities:

Loving God, living like Jesus and being led by the Spirit.

What is expected of participants?

  • Sessions will occur on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm for 16 weeks with a break for the holidays.
  • October 4- Nov 29 (22nd off for Thanksgiving) & January 17 – March 6
  • Participants will attend at least 6 of the 8 sessions during both Part 1 and Part 2 (fall and spring). *we plan to offer yearly if you have a conflict this season.
  • The hope is that the participants will invest in others formally and/or organically in the future.

What will each evening entail?

  • Each night will have three parts:
    • Teaching – anchored in scripture
    • Training – a time to put the teaching into practice
    • Discipleship group – everyone will be in a consistent small group to journey together in applying the teaching and training to their life.

What are the hopeful outcomes?

    • Deepening UP IN and OUT – Deepening your relationship with God, community and those Jesus is calling you to love in his name.
    • Listening prayer – Learning to hear from God 
    • Dwelling In the Word – intentionally being shaped by scripture
    • Discerning the leadership of the Spirit – Discerning kairos moments
    • Navigating complexities in culture – wisdom to follow the Spirit in the world today
    • Everyday justice – the ability to participate in making wrong things right
    • Spiritual Practices – tools to practice sabbath, fasting, daily examen, etc
    • Rhythms of rest and work – choosing sabbath and pruning as well as growth and fruitfulness
    • Emotionally healthy spirituality – cultivate your own deep relationship with Jesus & develop relationship skills to truly love others like Jesus.
    • Discern people of peace – be able to determine who God is calling you to connect with and share your story of experiencing a relationship with Jesus.
    • Spiritual warfare – learn to discern and respond with authority to the forces of evil influencing us and our world.
    • Healing prayer – practical ways to pray for and seek healing
    • “Family” on Mission – determine how you can live as a disciple with others regardless of your life stage.
    • Generosity and holistic hospitality – determine how you can surrender self-centeredness and live an others-focused life.
    • Using their spiritual gifts – Learn your spiritual gifting according to Ephesians 4 11-13
    • Be a disciple who makes disciples – determine who in your life God is calling you to invest in (organically and/or formally)