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Stephanie O’Brien

Lead Pastor

Aashish Baskaran

Pastor of Worship and Teaching

Tony Ducklow

Executive Director of Operations

Donna Johnson

 Pastor of Care

Sharon Rundell

Family Life Pastor

Adaobi Nduka

Community Impact Pastor

Becky Hanson

Pastor of Care


Rose Nelessen

Student Ministry Director

Amy Corriher

Community Life Director

Steven Anderson

 Young Adult Ministry Director

Heidi Macias

Hospitality Director

Trevor Rankin

Operations Associate

Marin Hay

Young Adult Ministry Associate

Kale Johnson

 Property Engineer

Jeremy Snoberger

Missional Community & Discipleship Coach

Stephanie Christenson

Family Life Volunteer Coordinator & Staff Assistant

Grace Johnson

Family Life Intern

Carolyn Le

Pastoral Resident

Kat Phillips

Worship Resident

Rachelle Joplin

Community Life Assistant

Leah Danielson

Summer Worship Leader