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Spring 2023 Equipping Hour

February 19th – March 26th, 2023

Equipping hour is a time for everyone in our community to receive training and resources, and to learn together. Below are the classes and seminars being offered starting this Spring.






Thriving Through Change and Transition
Led by Cathy Bergland
Sunday, March 12th 4-6pm

In our world of near-constant change, William Bridges offers helpful perspectives and a framework for managing the whole transition process, not just the specific change itself. In this workshop, participants learn about 12 characteristics of a transition, the concept of the “neutral zone,” and four specific steps to lead through transition and change more effectively. Bridges notes that “the single biggest reason that organizational changes fail is that no one thought about endings or planned to manage their impact on people.” This session provides practical ways to make current and future changes more successful.

Fostering A Discipleship Culture
Led by Amy Corriher and Pastor Steph
Sunday, March 19th 4-6pm

Discipleship isn’t merely a program that someone may sign up for at a church or school – it is a lifestyle that might include such programs. We will discuss what “discipleship” means for us at Mill City, what a culture of discipleship looks like in a faith community. We will also provide equipping for facilitating and participating in discipleship in organized groups at Mill City or perhaps in another community you are a part of.

Covenant In Real Life
Led by Pastor Christian Ann Larson
Saturday, April 22nd 9am-Noon

This half day is designed for committed couples in any stage of their relationship (dating, engaged, married). The time will focus on tools for communication and resources for strengthening relationships. In a commitment-averse culture, we find it increasingly important to discuss the theological importance of covenant – this powerful concept inspires us to commit in marriage, but also with others in community!

Creative Evangelism
Led by Cyrena Denniston from Steiger Ministries
Sunday, April 23rd 3-6pm

Creative evangelism invites people to think about deep and important questions without putting their guard up. It presents the truths of the Gospel in a relevant and understandable way, without the complicated wrappings of religiosity.
So often, through creative evangelism, we meet people who have rejected Jesus based on a complete misunderstanding of who He is and what He’s done for them. But through discussion brought on by the creative projects we use, they begin to get a taste of who He really is. It’s so humbling to witness.

Launching Missional Communities
Led by Pastor Becky, Pastor Donna, & Emeila Rogers
Sunday, May 7th 12:30-1:30pm

We have experienced a lot of change as a community. Join us for a time of sharing about the losses we have all experienced in this season. This will be a safe space to share what is on our hearts as we continue to move forward together. There will be lunch and childcare provided but registration is necessary.

Launching Missional Communities
Led by Pastor Steph and Jeremy Snoberger
Sunday, May 7th 2-4pm

Missional Communities are groups of people who discern an intentional missional focus and gather others around that focus to live on mission together. In this seminar we will discuss more about what an MC is like, how to determine an area of focus and what the initial steps would be to launch an MC! All are invited to come and get to know more about how UP, IN and OUT can be strengthened through missional communities!