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Fall 2022 Equipping Hour

October 2nd – November 6th, 2022

Equipping hour is a time for everyone in our community to receive training and resources, and to learn together. Cohort is a monthly online gathering throughout the academic year.  Below are the classes and cohorts being offered starting this Fall.






Racial Justice Cohort

7pm – 8:30pm on zoom

Once a month October 2022 through June 2023

Led by Pastors Steph O’Brien & Adaobi Nduka

This class is for those who have already engaged some initial racial justice or intercultural competence training. We will meet monthly on zoom and in between meetings there will be 2-4 hours of reading, videos and podcasts. This course has been curated by author and leader Rev Dominique Gilliard who trained Pastor Steph over the last 2 years. Learning will be focused on immigration, Indigenous history and current realities, Christian nationalism, the criminal justice system in America, Asian American history and the Latino experience in the US. By signing up for this cohort you agree to commit to give the time to engage the materials. Additionally you must have participated in the following in order to sign up for this cohort this year: Taken the Intercultural Competence Class at Mill City (taking it this Oct will count!), Mill City Introduction to Whiteness Class, participated in a higher education course, a training in your work place, or another community that focused on intercultural competence, racial justice or anti-racism. Please email if you have questions.  Meeting dates are:
October 23             November 27             December 18             January 22            February 26             March 26               April 23                       May 21                        June 25

Spiritual Authority Cohort

Once a month October 2022 through March 2023

Led by Stephanie Kaihoi

There are 6 sessions total. You will gain invaluable prayer tools for you as you step into the identity and authority God has given you. Topics include: hearing God’s voice, listening prayer, emotional healing, a prayer of blessing, prayer walking, etc. People will gather in person in huddles (ie small groups) to connect with the materials and practice the prayer tools. There is 1 hr of prep work each month.
We meet once a month, the 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 6:30 PM CST.
October 11 FIRST CALL
November 8
December 13
January 10
February 7 (*Due to 2/14 we will need to move up a week)
March 14