Equipping Hour

Summer Intensive Online Classes: July 13 – August 11, 2020 – Registration Closed

Equipping Hour is a time to receive training and resources, and to learn together.

Ancient Prayers For Anxious Christians – Led by Steph Fedor (Mondays 7-8PM: July 13 – August 3).
This class is following the book “Flee, Be Silent, Pray” by Ed Cyzewski. What if God is calling us not to frenzied activity but a simple spiritual encounter? This group will read this book together and engage in the practices outlined.

The Calling Lab – Led by Brooke Summers (Tuesdays 7-8PM: July 21 – August 11).
This class will dig into the concept of who God has called you to be and what God has called you to do. If you are wanting to engage how God wired you on a deeper level this class is for you.


Introduction to Whiteness – Led By Pastor Stephanie O’Brien and Pastor Michael Binder (Wednesdays 7-8PM: July 15 – August 5).
This class will follow resources offered by Latasha Morrison and her organization Be The Bridge. We will cover the topics of white identity, white privilege, white fragility and white supremacy. This class is for those who identify as white or of European decent.

Processing Grief and Trauma – Led by Danielle Castillejo, Latina Therapist and Writer (Thursdays 7-8PM: July 16 – August 6).
In this group participants will be led through ways to process grief and trauma. Many if not most of us are experiencing these realities. With discussion and practices you will be given tools to take with you after this intensive.