Equipping Hour

Fall Equipping Hour Classes: October 11th – November 19th, 2020

Equipping Hour is a time to receive training and resources, and to learn together.


Fake News and Faith Led By Librarian Rachel Wightman  (Sundays 4-5pm)
This class will address these questions and more – As Christians, how can we be thoughtful about the information we consume? And thoughtful about how we apply it to our contexts? – How do you validate what you read/hear on the news or social media? How do you recognize bias in what you find?


Dialogue in Divisive Times Led by Dawna Diamon (Mondays 7-8pm)
Engaging in divisive dialogue with those we love can be scary, frustrating, productive, or maybe even enjoyable. The tools in our personal toolboxes can really impact the experience we have. In this class we will look different tools, resources, and case studies / our stories to practice the art of having courageous and grace-filled conversations.


Introduction to Whiteness Led By Pastor Stephanie O’Brien and Pastor Michael Binder (Tuesdays 7-8pm)
This class will follow resources offered by Latasha Morrison and her organization Be The Bridge. We will cover the topics of white identity, white privilege, white fragility and white supremacy. This class is for those who identify as white or of European decent.

Justice Journey For Families Led by Family Life Director Sharon Rundell 
(Wednesdays from 6:00-6:20pm)

We believe that children are fully a part of the church now! As they grow up we hope that our kids will celebrate the diversity of God’s kingdom and be empowered by the Spirit and the love of Christ to overcome the injustice inherent in a broken world. This material is designed for kids 7-11, but no one is too young or too old to learn about God’s heart to make wrong things right! Families will be supported to adapt materials as needed to younger or older kids!


Intercultural Competence Led by Cathy Bergland and Dr. Ramón Pastrano
(Thursdays 7-8pm)

With experience coaching in cross cultural leadership, Cathy and Ramón are skilled in helping leaders grow in intercultural competence. This class will include an assessment called the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) that will help the learner take next steps in their own growth. Cathy and Ramon lead Impact Lives, a non-profit based here in the Twin Cities. Read more at