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Fall Equipping Hour

Classes & Experiences: October 17th – November 14th, 2021

Equipping Hour is a time to receive training and resources, and learning together.






Spiritual Pathway Exploration 

How We Think About Our History As Christians

When: Every Sunday starting October 17 to November 14

Time: 9-10am

Teacher: Adjunct Seminary Professor Andy Johnson

DescriptionThis class explores the intellectual pathway on our journey with God by challenging us to consider how we go about developing our understanding of history. Whether reflecting on our own lives, families, churches, nations or the world, how we think about history impacts the way that we live moving forward. Can we judge historical events by our current understandings? Can we learn from the past without merely adapting it to our own agendas? Each week of the class we are going discuss one historical scenario that Christians have faced in American history and what we might have done if faced with the same decisions. Our goal will be to improve our ability to view history with both love and discernment toward God and others.