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Live the Mission – The Way of Jesus

Together as a community we desire to live like Jesus in our every day lives. Jesus prioritized three relationships while he was on earth his relationship with the Father, 

So we follow Jesus way and pursue growth in our relationship with God (UP), with others in community (IN), and as we love our neighbor and the world God loves (OUT).

These relationships fuel rhythms in our lives such as: worshiping God, investing in community and living lives of purpose on mission. As we pursue the way of Jesus we consistently ask two key questions:

  1. What is God saying to me? 
  2. How will I respond?

We live out our rhythms through corporate worship on Sundays, monthly gatherings that emphasize UP, IN and OUT.

We also are consistently starting discipleship small groups where we can ask these questions with others and to receive encouragement and challenge to follow Jesus’ leadership in our lives.