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One of the things that makes the Gospel good news is that God makes peace with his presence.

Sermon on Peace 

Jesus is always stepping into chaos and making peace. In the Bible, Jesus is aways making peace in ways people don’t expect, and he’s still leading us to make peace in unexpected ways today.

Peace-making is something Mill City continues to be really intentional about. Our leadership team, particularly Tim Herzog, has worked hard to develop a process of peace-making in the midst of conflict within our church community, and develop training for peace-making in everyday life.

We want to outline those resources for you:

Are you looking for help in a particular conflict situation?

Mill City has a peace-making process we offer the community, and would be happy to discuss walking through it with you.  If you are seeking guidance in a particular conflict, feel free to contact either ChristianAnn Larson (Associate Pastor of Community and Care) or Tim Herzog (Leadership team member, trained in the peace making process), and they will explain the resources and process we offer.

Are you wanting to learn more about peace-making?
Mill City’s Peacemaking Statement and Process 

This document outlines Mill City’s practice of peacemaking and the process we offer to our members. This is a great resource if you have an interpersonal conflict and are seeking to understand a way of approaching it, and what to do next.

Peacemaking training videos: Conflict & You

Tim Herzog has constructed some training videos to help you deepen your understanding of conflict, and what it means to make peace in the midst of it. Here are three videos to watch:

Conflict & You

Conflict & You (Intro) from Mill City Church on Vimeo.

Conflict & You: Glorify God (Part 1)

Conflict & You (Glorify God – Part 1) from Mill City Church on Vimeo.

Conflict & You: Get Real (Part 2)

Conflict & You (Get Real – Part 2) from Mill City Church on Vimeo.

For further reading (Foundational Resources):

For further exploration of the topic, we recommend reading Ken Sande’s The Peace Maker.  This text is in the Mill City Commons resource hub for check out. Peacemaker Ministries, also has many resources available on their website that we would recommend you explore.