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What we can truly “do” is commit to the lifelong work of racial justice and healing, starting with our own hearts and minds. Mill City Church has been committed to racial justice and to growth as life-long anti-racist and reconciling people. We see this commitment at the core of being followers of Jesus and core to our mission to truly love our community in his name. 

We invite everyone on our community to pray about their next step in their own commitment to intercultural competency and humility. Please make a life-long commitment to always be looking fo next steps in this area. To help you in that discernment, here is a resource and action step list:

*These resources share many different perspectives – it is normal to wrestle and wonder if you are aligned with these perspectives. However, we encourage you to approach with curiosity and a goal to expand as a person, not merely find the right or perfect perspective.

Mill City Sermons to Listen to:
We integrate conversations about race and justice throughout our teaching, but here are some sermons focused on the subject:
Things to read if you are at the beginning of this journey:
  • A Good Time For The Truth: Race In Minnesota – Sun Yung Shin
  • Be The Bridge -Latasha Morrison
  • White Awake – Daniel Hill
  • Rethinking Incarceration – Domonique Gilliard
  • Why Are All the Black Sitting Together in The Cafeteria – Beverly Daniel Tatum

Things to read if you are needing to take next steps in this journey:

  • White Fragility: Why it’s So Hard For White People to Talk About Racism – Robin DiAngelo
  • Between The World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander
  • How To Be An Anti-Racist – Ibram X. Kendi

Resources for talking to your kids about race:

Podcasts to Listen To:
Things to Watch:
  • Just Mercy (free on iTunes for June 2020)
  • 13th Documentary (netflix)
  • When They See Us (netflix)
  • The Hate U Give (netflix)
  • Jim Crow of the North – Redlining in Minnesota (YouTube)
Things to join:
Things to do:
  • Pray: repent and lament
  • Give funds to racial justice thought leaders: For instance Latasha Morrison – Be The Bridge
  • Believe people and listen when they share about experiencing injustice
  • Commit to stay in the conversation even when the hype about “incident” has passed and when it’s not as common to do so.
  • Sign up for Intercultural Competence Class laster this summer and take the Intercultural Development Inventory (more soon)