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Rest With God Resources

What does resting with God look like for you in this season of your life? This is the question we invite you to ask this month as we dig into this concept in Scripture on Sundays.

Here are some curated resources for you – we hope you can engage in what might be helpful for you!

Resources for connecting with God in the every day moments:

Resources for engaging in practicing a weekly sabbath:

Sabbath is an ancient way to find rest for your soul.

The Sabbath is a 24-hour time period set aside to stop, rest, delight, and worship. It is the best day of the week. In our era of chronic exhaustion, emotional unhealth, and spiritual stagnation, few things are more necessary than the recovery of this ancient practice.

Resources for considering time management and how rest can be prioritized:

Resources for personal spiritual retreats (day or overnight):