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Do we desire God’s wisdom in our lives and what would it look like to pursue it? 

This is the question I posed in the sermon on Proverbs 8 in our series Wisdom In Action. This is a speech from Lady Wisdom, who is asking us this question as well. This post is a space to gather some more resources from The Bible Project on this topic because they have created some in depth resources on Lady Wisdom, which is topic that I have found is not studied as often my many other subjects. Yet it is so meaningful, important and rich!

In the sermon, we talked about how Lady Wisdom in her 4 part speech answers this question this way:

  • See God’s wisdom as more valuable than anything else.
  • Put wisdom into action
  • Join in Jesus’ restoration – bringing order back from chaos
  • Choose God’s wisdom daily

I also shared these definitions that can help you as you read Proverbs:

  • Wisdom – skill or applied knowledge, practical and social skill of righteousness and justice, the kind of knowledge demonstrated through action.
  • Knowledge (knowing) – relational reciprocal, knowing and being known.
  • Understanding – ability to discern what it best, or good
  • Instruction – What you don’t know that you need to know
  • Desire – deepest wants – not merely pleasure but what could lead to true life and joy
  • Discretion – Strategy behind wise action

Here are The Bible Project Resources I encourage you to check out!