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By Pastor Aashish Baskaran

In Acts 27, we find Paul in the midst of a storm and an impending shipwreck. In the face of grave danger, Paul tells those with him, “Last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood beside me…” 

I love that verse. Where was God in the midst of the storm? God was right beside Paul. Even though the vessel carrying Paul would fail, God would not. Even though the crew had to literally let go of everything (they threw the cargo overboard!), God would not let go of them. This is the same God that we worship today. We serve a God who is with us in the storms: who is faithful and provides. 

Just like Paul, God invites us to fix our eyes on Jesus in the midst of the storm. Notice how Paul, while he doesn’t ignore the storm, doesn’t fix his eyes on it. He surrenders his life, and places his trust in Jesus. 

Is there an area of your life where the Spirit is inviting you to fix your eyes on Jesus? It could be a project at work, a family dynamic, a big decision, or some unexpected news. Jesus invites us to fix our eyes, place our trust in him. He is the one who is with us in the storm, and will see us through. 

Some of the practices that have been helpful in my life when it comes to fixing my eyes on Jesus are listening to worship music and prayer. Below are links to our playlist, “Songs of Surrender.” These are songs that remind us ‘Whose we are and Who we serve.”

Spotify playlist:

Apple Music:

There is also a link to the prayer app “Lectio365.” Sometimes it can be tough to know what to pray. Lectio365 is a guided prayer time that is around 5-10 minutes (There are even specific prayer times for both the morning and evening). 

These are two places I start when it comes to fixing my eyes on Jesus. May they be a blessing to you as you step into this invitation in your everyday spaces.