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Think about it: what other day of the year do families from all over your neighborhood come up to your door ready to interact?

It’s a pretty sweet deal (pun intended), and a really fun way to love our community in the name of Jesus. What if the purpose of Halloween for the Mill City Church Community was simply this: to deepen our relationships with neighbors. This Halloween we want to ask, “what is God doing on Halloween night?”


Create a hospitable environment on your lawn or home. HOW? Give Neighbors an excuse to linger… Offer Hot Cider or Hot Cocoa to those who come by!

Don’t have a pop-up table or cider supplies? Mill City has supplies ready to roll out! Just email Pastor ChristianAnn to reserve supplies!

We have limited supplies, so first come, first serve 🙂

Halloween Cider Experiment break-down:

Experiment Steps:

  • Set up a table offering apple cider/coffee/tea to people walking the neighborhood on Halloween night.
  • Stand out front of your house and greet trick or treaters before they get to your door.
  • Make it your goal to learn 3 new names of neighbors and a significant story from someone that stops at your house.The story could be about how long they have lived in the neighborhood, what their kids are involved in, or something they spend their time doing.

Feedback Loop: Find a time to talk to 2-3 other people in our church about what it was like to try and approach Halloween this way. What did you learn about your neighborhood or your neighbors? How did people react? How did it feel to try this? Did you sense God leading you in any of your interactions?

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