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Helping Your Child Learn to Trust God

There are two words that a good majority of children love to hear: “I promise.”  Why?  Because so often, that promise is something good.  “I promise we’ll get to see that movie when it comes out.”  “I promise to invite you to my birthday party.”  “I promise you can have ice cream after dinner.”  “I promise…”

Over 3000 times in Scripture, God makes promises to His people.  “I promise to be with you.”  “I promise to love you no matter what.”  “I promise…”

It’s important that we teach those promises to our kids.  But even more than that, it’s important that we teach them that God always keeps His promises.

Below are some practical ways you can teach your child some of God’s promises, and that He keeps all of His promises.

Modeling God’s Behavior

At home this month, emphasize the importance of keeping promises with your child.  Perhaps you want to make a promise to take your child to the zoo at the end of the month, or promise to bake cookies with your child at the end of the week.  Whatever promise you make, follow through on it, explicitly reminding your child that just like you kept your promise, God always keeps His promises.  

Just for Fun

Read the story of Noah together with your child (Genesis 7-8 and 9:12-17).  Then spread out a piece of butcher paper and work together to create a gigantic rainbow.  As you draw, ask each person in your family to share a story about a time they’ve seen a rainbow.  Remind your child that every time we see a rainbow, we can remember that God keeps His promises!

At Bedtime

Read 1 John 1:9 with your child.  Talk together about how Adam and Eve sinned and started a trajectory in which we all would sin.  Ask your child if there are any sins in his/her life to confess to God, reiterating God’s promise to always forgive us.  Share an example from your own life.  Then take time to ask God for forgiveness and praise Him for keeping His promise of forgiveness.

Bible Memory Verse:

Understand (point to head) that God (point up) is a faithful God (fold hands).  He keeps all (spread arms wide) His promises (clap)!

Deuteronomy 7:9a (open hands like a book)