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“Knowing our strengths is essential for being the community God created us to be.” – Pastor Michael Binder

In our Renewing Relationships series, we’ve discussed that part of renewing relationships is knowing your self, and knowing the strengths and gifts God’s given you to offer to others and the community.

These three tools help you do just that: A.P.E.S.T., Strengths Finder, and Vocational Power Assessment.


A.P.E.S.T. (Apostile, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher) assessment has been developed out of Ephesians 4:11-12, and will help you discover the primary way you approach offering your strengths and gives to others and to the community.

Take the A.P.E.S.T.

Learn more about each of the 5 gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4 and how you can pay attention to it in your own life: What is A.P.E.S.T?

Learn about what this means for our Pastoral Team as well: Why 5 Pastors?

Strengths Finder

The Strengths Finder, developed by Gallop, is a great tool for gaining self understanding and how you are gifted to contribute to what God is doing in a community. Understanding the uniqueness of who we are helps us understand how God might use us together.

Learn how to take the Strength Finder.

Vocational Power Assessment

The God@Work initiative has developed an assessment for you discover the vocational gifts God has given you and how that correlates with the community God has called you to.

Learn more about the vocational power assessment.

Take the vocational power assessment.

Listen to a training on vocational power and the assessment.