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Lent is a season in the church calendar where many choose intentional spiritual practices to help them center on Jesus. This often includes letting go of something (fasting) and taking up something (a spiritual practice).

Lent 2023 starts on Ash Wednesday which is February 22nd and ends on Easter Sunday – April 9th.

Ash Wednesday reminds us of our human mortality – our need for Jesus as our savior to reconcile us to God. It’s important that this is how we start the season of lent – because it reminds us that we are not engaging in spiritual practices to earn God’s love, but because of God’s love. It’s only by receiving God’s grace that we can step into practices with joy and not obligation.

To join participate in the lenten season, choose one thing to give up, and one thing to take up – follow links for resources:

Give up (fasting from):

Venting /complaining
Certain type of food
Social media (all together or before or after a certain time)
Doom scrolling
TV shows
Cable News Programs
Going out to eat
Entertainment in the car
Take up (spiritual practice):
Gratitude prayers
Prayer before meals
Silent prayer commute