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Do you feel like you are in a never ending potluck cycle? Does pot-luck feel like pot-stuck? Many Missional Communities center around meals… which is honestly a really important part of doing life together. It’s important the the meal isn’t a 4 course catered dinner, or that it isn’t just a buffet of chips because everyone forgot to make something… So a potluck theme sent out 4-7 days beforehand gives time for people to get what they need and even get a little creative. I wanted to give you some potluck themes that might be new or might be kickin’ it old school. Many of these potluck themes are kid-friendly, or you can create space for people to bring kid-friendly things. i.e. For a “Breakfast” theme, don’t just bring spinach frittatas; muffins, fruit, or even a gallon ziploc full of Cheerios are great options for the toddler eaters.

Or maybe you’re like me; I love potlucks, but organizing them feels like a nightmare. If you haven’t checked it out already, the website Perfect Potluck is a fantastic resource to help you divy things up and for people to sign up for what they are going to bring.

Below for some tested and tasty Potluck ideas for your next MC: 
Taco Night
Baked Potato Bar (I just heard about this one, it was a huge hit!)
 Chili & Toppings
Olive Garden Style: Soup/Salad/Bread[sticks]
 Nacho Bar
 Sandwich Bar
Pizza Bar (with tortillas or pita bread)
 Grilling: Build your own Kebabs, BBQ, Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
Casserole (or Hotdish)
 Pasta Par (different pasta, sauce, & topping choices)
All Appetizers
Salad Bar
Pancakes & Toppings
 Sunday Sundaes (that’s right ice cream for a meal!)
Cereal (hot & cold)
Crockpot Fun
Pies (savory & sweet)

Have Fun!