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What if the purpose of Halloween for the Mill City Church Community was simply this: to be present in our neighborhoods to meet and deepen our relationships with neighbors. 

Regardless of how we feel about Halloween, the fact remains that this is the one day of the year we are guaranteed to have neighbors coming to our houses, ready to engage with us. Or we are visiting our neighbors as we take our kids trick or treating!

Every Halloween we encourage the Mill City community to be present in our neighborhoods to live out our mission of loving our community in the name of Jesus.

We have two challenges for you – read on to hear more and also how you can reserve supplies!

1. Halloween Hospitality –

We encourage you to consider what it might look like to create a hospitable environment at your door, on your lawn or in your driveway and give your neighbors an excuse to linger… This can be as simple as providing apple cider or hot chocolate for the parents of the kids coming to your house to Trick or Treat. Be as creative as you want!

If you are up for it, here are some steps:


    • Pray – spend a few minutes praying for your neighborhood and the conversations you will have with your neighbors. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance to make new connections with those in your neighborhood.
    • Set up a table in your driveway or lawn offering apple cider, hot chocolate – or another idea you have – to people out Trick or Treating on Halloween night. SIGN UP IF YOU WOULD LIKE SUPPLIES
    • Introduce yourself if you don’t already know the neighbors who come to your home. 
    • Learn the names of at least 3 of your neighbors and something about them (how long have they lived in the neighborhood, what activities their kids are involved in, favorite restaurant in the area, etc.)
  • Have fun!

After Halloween ask these questions:

  • What did you learn about your neighborhood or your neighbors? 
  • How did people react? 
  • Did you sense God leading you in any of your interactions?

Don’t have a folding table, apple cider, or hot chocolate supplies? Mill City has supplies available! 

Sign up here to reserve your supplies. Some supplies are limited so first come, first serve.

 2. Buddy up!

If you are hosting, or taking kids trick or treating would you be up for a buddy or two? 

Don’t have family to be with or live in a place where people don’t Trick or Treat – we’d love to pair you up with others at Mill City who are participating! 

Sign up here to join a family or host community members at your home!

We hope you have a purpose-filled week!