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Below are recordings of April 3rd’s Training Sunday. We concluded our series, Searching for God, by having a few related workshops.

Soul Care


Presenter: Dr. Christine Osgood Dmin, LMFT, Mdiv (Founder of the Urban Retreat)

Description: Christine helps us answer the question, “what is the soul?” She teaches us about the various aspects that make up a person’s soul, and helps us identify ways to nurture and attend to this essential part of our being.


Searching for God Intellectually

Searching for God Intellectually from MCC TRAINING on Vimeo.

Presenter: Pastor Michael Binder

Description: What does the intellectual pursuit of God look like in a postmodern world? Here Michael discuss what thinking deeply in our faith can look like today, recent shifts in history, and what it means in your faith.


Releasing Resentment


Presenter: John Nielsen

Description: It can be easy to harbor resentment towards others or towards institutions in our life. Through this teaching and exercise John will share some ways to let go of that resentment.

Creating a Rule of Life


Presenter: Pastor JD Larson

Description: We often leave our spiritual formation to chance, and can struggle to be intentional in our relationship with God. In this training JD explores an ancient tool, a rule of life, that can help us create a rhythm of intentionality in our life with God.