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This month we are talking about how the beginning of the year is a great time to choose to have a “fresh start” in an area of life. Our relationships with God and others is so important to consider because a lot of our other hopes and firm decisions hinge on our relationships. Here are some helpful articles we have written recently on first, the topic of relating to God and second on relating to others:

Fresh Start in our Relationship With God

Resources for Connecting with God – by Pastor Steph

How to Read the Bible Well – by Pastor Steph

Sacred Pathways of Connecting With God – By Dr. John Dunne

Using Technology in Connecting with God – by Pastor Steph

Creating Space for God – by Pastor JD

Fresh Start in Relationships With Others

Tips for Having Courageous Conversations – by Pastor Steph

Navigating Family Conflict – by Pastor Christian Ann

Unity Takes Practice – by Pastor Steph

Making Peace – by Pastor JD

Fighting For Unity – by Pastor Steph